Welcome to Imglabs.io!

Imglabs.io is a powerful image proxy service that utilizes edge computing to decrease the latency of serving images to users all around the globe.

Getting started

Getting started with Imglabs.io is easy:

  1. Signup with Imglabs.io at www.imglabs.io/signup

  2. Go to your dashboard at www.imglabs.io/dashboard

  3. Go to the Account tab and remember your Account ID, this will be your API key

  4. Go to the Domains tab and configure your Referers and Sources:

    • Referers are the domains that are allowed to use your API key
    • Sources are the domains that are allowed to be proxied
    • You can use wildcards to match multiple domains (example: https://*.example.com/)
  5. Try out Imglabs.io by constructing a URL like this:


    Where account_id is your Account ID and url is an URI encoded image url.

    Note: You may get a Missing referer header error when trying to access the URL. This is caused by a missing Referer header in your request. You can use a tool like Postman to add the missing header to your request.

  6. Voila! You have successfully proxied your first image with Imglabs.io!